Artisanal painted murals and faux finishes

Fine Murals & Decorative Finishes


Dean Barger (Bar - "grr") is a fine arts painter specializing in decorative installations from faux finishes to murals. Recent clients include Roman & Williams, Fortuny and Tory Burch. Working with a team of artisans, Dean delivers large- and small-scale projects for permanent or temporary installation. A sincere thank-you for visiting our website. Please have a look at our work, and do not hesitate to contact us about projects.


Selection of Work


Selected Clients

  • Roman & Williams works including: Freehand LA 2017, Le Coucou NYC 2016, Greydon House ACK 2016

  • Tory Sport Stores, NATIONAL 2017

  • Fortuny, NY Flagship Showroom 2012

  • Private residential projects for noted designers including: Nina Campbell, Kitty Hawks and David Easton




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